What is the difference between the old Skills tab and the Progress Skills View?

Teachers accessing Seesaw via the web will have access to the Progress tab, which has replaced the previous Skills tab when viewing classes from your teacher account.

Within Progress, there are two views: Activities View and Skills View. Use the Skills View to track student mastery of skills or standards, as you would have done using the old Skills tab. Teachers who are using the Seesaw Class app on mobile will still see the old Skills tab, the Progress feature is not available on mobile.

There are several differences between Progress Skills View and the old Skills tab on the web:

Iconography in the Grid

  • Old: Color fills the entire grid cell. The number of posts a student has completed for that Skill is on top of the color.
  • Updated: Colored star indicates the star rating of the most recent student post tagged to that Skill. The number indicates the number of pieces of work with that Skill in the given date range.

Date Range

  • Old: The Skills tab shows data for all time. The date range is not adjustable.
  • Updated: The Progress Skills View has an adjustable date range with the current week as the default.


  • Old: Teachers can only filter by one filter at a time (ex: one student or one skill).
  • Updated: Teachers can filter by multiple filters at the same time (ex: several students and all Skills in the Math subject). Search is supported in all filters menus. Skill-Name, Skill-Subject, and Skill-Category filters are consolidated into one menu. Filter by Folders is also supported.

Sharing Skills Data

  • Old: Teachers can export a .csv file of the most recent post for each Skill for each student
  • Updated: Teachers can copy a Progress Report with a list of Skills/ratings for each student for the selected date range. With Progress teachers can also export the same CSV by clicking ‘Download.’

Please note: Only teachers with Seesaw for Schools or a Seesaw Premium Features trial have access to Progress.

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