Progress FAQs

Use Progress with your classes to easily view and understand student progress in Seesaw. Learn all about Progress and how to use the Activities View and Skills View. Answers to other common questions about Progress are below.

Who can use the Progress feature?

Progress is a premium Seesaw feature, part of Seesaw for Schools and Seesaw Plus. Teachers and admins with Seesaw for Schools or teachers with Seesaw Plus can view the Progress tab for each class they have access to. 

Progress is not visible to students or families. 

Teachers can click on a student’s name to copy a report from the Activities View or Skills View to share with students or families as needed.

Students can go to the To Do section in their Activities tab to see what activities they need to complete. Students and families cannot see Skills that are tagged to Activities.

Can I use Progress on the iOS or Android app?
No, Progress is not supported on the iOS or Android app yet. Use Progress on your computer at (this does not require any updates). 

The classic Skills tab will still be available on iOS and Android.
Can I export Progress data out of Seesaw?

For the Activities View, export options are not available yet. 

For Skills View, you can download a CSV of the most recent post tagged with each skill for each student by clicking the Download button.

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