Can students edit who is tagged in posts?

If you are seeing a student journal post or Activity response in the wrong student journal, it is possible that the 'Edit People' function was used to tag the student post to a different student.

If the setting “Allow students to edit who is tagged in posts’ is toggled ON in your class, then students will have access to the Edit People function when they tap the [...] button on a journal post. 


If you would like to disable this setting, you can do so with the following steps:

  1. Tap the wrench icon in your class.
  2. Scroll down to Item Editing.
  3. Toggle OFF "Allow students to edit who is tagged in posts."

This will remove the student's ability to tag their classmates in posts. Teachers can always use 'Edit People' to update which students are tagged to a post.

Note: If students have tagged their classmates in posts previously, changing this setting will not revert the journal posts to their original author. 

If you need to update the tagged student(s) on a post, you can view the steps here.


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