How to create groups of students within your class

At this time, Seesaw does not have the option to create groups of students within a class. If you have students you would like to create groups for within your class, we recommend using one of the following options to help easily identify student groups. 

Groups by display name 
To create groups of students in your class, you can edit the students’ names with a number, letter, or emoji in front of their Display Name based on the group they are in.

Here’s an example of numbered group students:
Update student Display Names in Group 1 to 1 Allie, 1 James, 1 Betty, 1 Harry, etc.
Update student Display Names in Group 2 to 2 Robert, 2 Ashton, 2 Susie, 2 Rebecca, etc.


With this method, students will appear together in the class list and when assigning Activities or tagging posts to student journals based on the designated number, letter, or emoji that appears before their Display Name.
Groups by profile icon
Another option is to change student icons to all matching emojis based on the group you would like to assign them to.

For example, update all profile icons in one group of students to cats, a second group to dogs, etc.


With this method the student list will still appear in alphabetical order, but when assigning Activities or tagging journal posts to a specific group, you can easily identify specific groups based on their profile icons.
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