What is Implementation with Seesaw for Schools?


What happens if we choose to purchase Implementation?
  • You will get a dedicated technical consultant who ensures that accounts are seamlessly rostered. This includes a setup call!
  • Your Implementation Consultant is available via email and scheduled calls for up to three implementation contacts for your first year with Seesaw.
  • Implementation is required for new schools and districts using Clever and ClassLink rostering; this service is optional for new schools and districts using CSV rostering.
What happens if we do not choose to purchase Implementation?
  • Schools and districts that choose not to include Implementation in their Seesaw for Schools subscription will have access to great self-paced resources. You can find resources for admin here. 
  • Contact our Support Team via email or by submitting a support request
  • Get a response from our Support Team within one business day (based on US timezones and holidays). 
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