How to use Schoolwide Announcements

It is now possible for admin to send Schoolwide Announcements! With Schoolwide Announcements, you can send the same announcement to all of the teachers, students, or family members connected to your school. Here's where to find the Schoolwide Announcements in your school dashboard.


  1. Click + New School Announcement 
  2. Customize whether your announcement is sent to teachers, students, and/or family members
  3. Customize the grade level and classes the announcement will be sent to

To customize the grade levels and classes the announcement is sent to, please tap 'Edit Classes':

  • You can send to all classes:​

  • Or, you can customize the grade level and individual classes the announcement is sent to: ​​

4. You can tap '+Add Attachment' to access our Creative Tools:

5. When you're done creating your Schoolwide Announcement tap 'Send Now' to send. 

Teachers, students, and family members are not able to reply to Schoolwide Announcements at this time. Here is what announcements will look like on Family and Teacher accounts:

Family View


Teacher View

Student View



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