How to use Seesaw for remote learning schoolwide

Meaningful learning experiences can happen from anywhere. Create a supportive remote learning environment for your district or school when emergencies  (such as the Corona Virus COVID-19) prevent students from coming to school. Please view more resources for remote learning with your school or district here.

If you are new to Seesaw for Schools, please find our Admin Dashboard Set Up Guide here!

Our recommendation for at home learning is that students sign in using an individualized home learning code.

Students using email sign on can continue to do so from home. If students are using email sign in at home, please make sure your IP range allows students to complete assignments at home. Learn more here.


To access the individualized Home Learning Student Code as an administrator:

  1. Sign into your Admin account at
  2. Tap 'Get Home Learning Student Codes' in the Admin Tools section of your School Dashboard. 
  3. Tap 'Get Home Learning Student Codes' button. From here, you can also toggle on a setting that will allow teachers to access these codes.   
  4. You will receive an email with a link to download a CSV of the student codes for all of the students at your school that you can distribute in whatever method you think is best! This process can be done on a school by school basis

Alternatively, you can do this on a class by class basis in the 'class settings' section of the Class tab on the admin dashboard. See how teachers can change these settings with the instructions here.

If you need to reset a code, please tap the class tab>class settings>home learning code. From there you can reset a code for an entire class or an individual student.



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