Use Seesaw’s premium Multipage feature to give students more space and more choice when creating and demonstrating their learning. With Multipage, students have options to create more powerful, comprehensive, and robust pieces of work, all within Seesaw.

Using Multipage, students create posts of up to 10 pages, and can use powerful creative tools (drawing, voice, labels, photos, shapes, etc) on every page. Teachers can assign Multipage activities, create Multipage activity templates, and create announcements for students and families that include Multipage posts. Multipage is part of our premium offerings, and teachers can start a free 60 day trial for their classes. To start your free trial, click on the Multipage feature from the drawing canvas. 


1. To create a Multipage post, students choose either drawing, photo, or upload when posting to their student journal:



2. Once on the drawing canvas, students can show their thinking across multiple pages. Choose the + sign on the bottom right to add another page.




3. Students can create posts of up to ten pages and use Seesaw’s powerful creative tools (drawing, voice, labels, photos, shapes, etc) on every page!






To get started with Multipage, here are three activities to try with your students to support their learning! 


     Language Arts                    Science                       Math

ll.png     ss.png    mm.png



Extra Info!

1. If you have access to premium features, albums you’ve previously created are now Multipage posts. This gives you and your students options to take the learning further and add Seesaw’s creative tools on every page. 

2. If you’re using the Multipage feature while on a free trial of Seesaw’s premium features, once your trial expires, your Multipage posts and activities will all remain accessible, but you will no longer be able to edit them with creative tools on every page.


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