Seesaw for Schools - Billing FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked billing questions for Seesaw for Schools customers. For all other billing related inquiries, email

Where can I find my W-9?
You can download a copy of our W-9 by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page


How can I update my billing contact?
You can email updated billing contacts to Please include your latest invoice number.


Where can I find bank transfer instructions?
You can find bank transfer instructions on your invoice. Refer to the image below to locate the link.


How can I request changes to my existing invoice?
- We ask that you make any special requests for your invoice during the sign-up and/or renewal period with your sales agent. This includes requests to delay the invoicing date, to split the invoice into smaller amounts, and/or to use a different billing address from the shipping address.
- Once the invoice has been issued to you, it is too late to request these changes. If we have made a mistake on your issued invoice, however, you may email us.
- You can request changes to your existing invoice by emailing and requesting the change, citing your invoice number.


How can I pay my invoice?
- You can pay your invoice with a credit card, ACH, wire transfer, or check. We only accept checks in US dollars. We do not accept checks from outside the US.
- To pay with a credit card, go to your invoice link that was sent to your billing contact and click on "Pay with credit card." Click on "Pay with ACH Transfer" to pay with ACH.
- You can also pay through a wire transfer. To find our bank details click the "Bank transfer details" link on your invoice.


Where can I find my invoice?
Invoices are sent to the billing and admin contact that is provided when signing your Seesaw quote. You can request a copy of your invoice by emailing and providing a quote number.


Where do I send a purchase order?
You can send all purchase orders to Please include the invoice number or quote number in the request. 


Where can I find more details about Seesaw's general vendor profile?
Please see the linked standard form.

For all other billing-related inquiries, email

Download 2023 W-9

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