How do I set up summer school classes?

There are a few options to create summer school courses in Seesaw.

Option 1: CSV Rostering

Using the CSV Roster Template, you can create new classes for your teachers to use over the summer. You can upload CSVs to any dashboard that may be hosting summer school sessions. For more information on CSV Rostering, please click here. 

CSV Rostering can also be used if you have summer school students coming from many schools across your district to one site. Students coming from other schools must have an email address connected to their Seesaw account. Please add an email address to any student accounts prior to importing your CSV Roster. Students do not need to sign in to Seesaw using email, they can continue to use QR code sign in.

Option 2: Clever Rostering

If your SIS has rosters for your summer school courses, you can share that data with Clever. Once that data is synced into Clever, you can add summer school courses to your Sharing Rules and those sections will be synced to Seesaw.

More information on setting up your Sharing Rules
Option 3: Clever Custom Sections
If your SIS does not create summer school rosters, you can use Clever’s Custom Section tool to create your own.

Clever’s Custom Sections feature allows district admins to create and manage sections manually within the Clever Dashboard using data you have already imported.
  • Each Custom Section is completely customizable
  • Name your section
  • Select the school where you want this section to be
  • Add teachers and co-teachers
  • Add students from across your district 
Don’t forget to add your custom sections to your Sharing Rules to ensure that Seesaw has access to that data!
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