What happens after we sync Clever and Seesaw?

We know that rolling out a new program can lead to lots of questions. Below are some frequently asked questions about what happens after you roster Seesaw through Clever. 

Do my teachers receive any emails after we sync Clever and Seesaw? 

If it is your first year rostering your classes in Seesaw through Clever, your teachers will not be emailed by Seesaw until we activate your district. District activation occurs after the sync and you have confirmed that your new classes look accurate. 

After activation, your teachers will receive an email letting them know their new classes are available. For any teachers who are brand new to Seesaw, they will also be prompted to add a password to their account. 

If you are a returning district that has rostered via Clever before, your district is already activated. Your teachers will receive an email letting them know how to access their classes immediately after the sync has finished processing. 

Can we hide classes from teachers until the first day of school? 

Unfortunately, once the sync has been initiated between Clever and Seesaw, we do not have a way to hide classes from teachers. If you do not want teachers to see their class lists until a certain date, please do not share your current school year's data with Seesaw until that date. 

Can students access their classes?

After the sync has finished processing, students can sign in via the Clever Portal and access Seesaw. If you do not want students to see their classes, you can limit their access to apps in Clever. For more information on how to hide apps in Clever, click here.

Can family members see their child's classes? 

By default, Family Access is turned off for new classes. However, if you have Family Access enabled for your school or district, the new classes will be visible to connected family members in their app.

If you
do not want family members accessing their student’s new class information, you can disable Family Access in bulk from the Admin Dashboard. Here’s how!

Note: It is possible for family members to sign in to Clever Portal as a student and view their child's class. If you do not want family members to have access to the classes in Seesaw, please hide the Seesaw app in Clever. For more information on how to hide apps in Clever, click here.

How often does Clever sync with Seesaw? 

Clever will sync daily around 5 AM E.S.T. Any changes that you make to your sharing data will be updated within 24 hours. 

What happens if our teachers have created their own class rather than waiting for the Clever sync? 

We do not have a way to combine classes, or easily move data from one class to another. Teachers will have to manually move items from one class to another individually, or start fresh in the Clever created class. We do not recommend teachers create their own classes if you are using Clever to roster your classes. 

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