How do I remove some Admin from our Clever Sharing Rules?

When a teacher is shared through Clever, all non-teacher accounts associated with that teacher's school in Clever will be included in your sharing rules as School Admin. This means school admin shared through Clever will be able to access their school's dashboard in Seesaw. We often see people who do not need Admin status in Seesaw being shared. 

We recommend that you double check who your school admins are for each school in Clever, and remove them from Clever data if you do not want them getting added as admins on the Seesaw dashboards.

How to remove select Admin from Sharing Data: 

1. Sign in to your District Admin Account.

2. Click on Seesaw 


3. Click on Edit Sharing 


4. Click on Edit Sharing Rules


5. Click Add Another Rule


6. Click Custom Share School Administrators


7. Click Field and select Email, and Condition: Does not equal any of (case sensitive). Use the dropdown menu to select the Admin you want to remove. 


8. Click Done Editing

9. Click Save Sharing Rules 

10. Click Yes


You have now removed a select number of Admin from your sharing rules. 
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