How do I move a student to a new school in my District?

Moving students from one school to another in your Seesaw for Schools subscription can be done in just a few steps! 

Note: For Clever syncing districts, you do not need to manually move students between schools. When your SIS is updated, Clever will communicate those changes to Seesaw and your students will be moved to their new classes during the next daily sync. 

Step 1: Exporting Student Data

If your student has posts that you want their new teacher to see, you will need to export a zip file of those posts. Students with email addresses or their current teacher can export their journal zip file. Click here to find out how. 

Once that file downloads, you can email it to the student's new teachers as needed. 

Step 2: Moving the student's account

Students with email addresses can be moved to another school. If your student does not have an email address, you will need to create a new account for them in their new school. Their existing account can not be transferred. 

1. Make a copy of the Seesaw Roster Template

2. Fill out the Roster Template. You will need to fill in the Teacher Information, Class Information, and Student Information. Make sure to use the same Student ID and email address when you're creating your new Roster. 

  • We recommend naming the class "Transferring Students" so it's easy to find and archive later. 


3. Save this sheet as a CSV and upload to the school dashboard your student is moving to. 

4. After the upload is complete, click on the Student Tab and search for the student's name. 

5. Click on Edit Student > Manage Classes > Add to Classes > and search for the new classes this student should be enrolled in. Click Add to Class. 

6. Remove the student from the Transferring Students class. 

7. Click on the Classes Tab > search for 'Transferring Students' > Click on Manage Class > and scroll down to the bottom to archive the class. 

Your student is now enrolled in their new classes at their new school! 





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