How do I use the Activity Library?

The Seesaw Activity Library is a growing resource of grade-level and subject specific activities, created by teachers like you! Find ideas that inspire your students to reflect on and share their learning in creative ways. You can also share activities you like with other teachers by following the instructions here

Please see what Activities features are included for Seesaw Free Forever, Seesaw Plus, and Seesaw for Schools below:


How do I assign an Activity? 
To get started with the Seesaw Activity Library, use the steps below to save and assign an Activity:
1. Tap the green Add+ button.
2. Choose 'Assign Activity.'


3. You can browse the Activity Library by grade and/or subject area. Tap on a collection or Activity to view the student instructions and teacher notes. Then, tap the heart icon to save the Activity to your personal Library.


4. Once you've checked out the Seesaw Library, you can tap the 'My Library' tab to view all Activities you have created or saved from the Seesaw Library.


5. Tap any Activity, then tap 'Assign' to publish to your class(es) as-is, or tap the [...] button below the Activity, then tap 'Copy and Edit Activity' to customize the Activity.

How do I create an Activity Collection?
1. Tap the green +Add button.
2. Choose 'Assign Activity.'
3. Then, tap 'My Library.'
4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the bar that says 'Create a new collection.'
5. Type in your desired collection name and tap 'Create.'


6. Add Activities from your Library to your Collection by tapping an Activity.
7. Then, tap the [...] button and choose 'Add to Collection.'


8. Select the Collection you would like to add your Activity to.


9. Now your Activity is in a Collection!


How do I create an Activity?
1. Tap the green +Add button and choose 'Assign Activity.'
2. Tap My Library.
3. Tap +Create New Activity.


4. Here, you can add your activity details like Activity Name, instructions, an example, or a template for students. When you are done creating your Activity, tap 'Save.'


5. Tap 'Assign' to choose the class or classes you want to assign the Activity to.


6. Then, assign to your classes.

How do I search the Activity Library by standard?
Add standards to the "Teacher Notes" field and then the activity will be returned in search results.


Search for the standard with quotation marks, "CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.3.NBT.A.2" to access any activities that teachers have added with this exact standard.

How do I search the Activity Library by language?
If you are trying to search the Seesaw Activity Library for Activities in a specific language, there are a couple of choices. 

First, you can search for the World Languages subject. This will pull up all Activities that have been tagged to this subject. 


Additionally, you can update your search url to include the specific two-letter language code for the language you are looking for. 

For example, using the url will show Activities in French. The url will show Activities in Spanish. 
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