What happens when I submit an activity to the Activity Library?

Activities teachers create are private to their account by default.  Optionally, teachers may choose to publish activities they create to the public Seesaw Activity Library. Any activities you submit are yours, not Seesaw’s, and student responses are never shared.

By choosing to submit your activity to the Activity Library, you agree that:

  • You own the content or have permission to publish it. If you're sharing photos of people, you've gotten permission from them.
  • Your content is public on the internet. It may be shared by Seesaw and used, modified, and re-shared by teachers as long as its in the library.
  • If you don't want your Activity published any more, you can always choose to unpublish it. However, copies of your Activity may continue to exist in teachers' accounts.

You can unpublish your activity from the Seesaw Activity library at any time by following the instructions here.

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