Troubleshooting student license overages

We understand that your student count may change over the course of the year, so we provide a buffer of 25 student accounts or 5% of your purchased licenses (whichever is greater). 

However, you may have noticed or been notified that you have many more active students on your dashboard than paid student licenses. This can happen for a few reasons. Below are some tips to make sure your active student count matches the number of student licenses you have paid for.

The number of active students is based on the number of student accounts enrolled in one or more active classes on your Seesaw for Schools dashboard. If you need to purchase additional student licenses, please contact your Seesaw Schools Partnership representative. 

Merge duplicate student accounts without IDs

If you’ve moved classes from the free version of Seesaw to your Seesaw for Schools dashboard, teachers may have created multiple versions of the same student. If you want to create one cohesive journal that will link the posts your students upload from year to year, and have all your students’ data in one place, you will need to add a unique student ID that does NOT change for the student’s entire career at your school for each student account listed in your dashboard. If you do not need student content to carry over from free classes, please skip to the next section.

Find out if this is an issue:

  1. Log in as an admin on a computer using Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Navigate to the Overview tab.
  3. Tap 'Assign Missing Student IDs' in the Admin Tools Section.
  4. Check if you see a large list of students without IDs. This indicates you may have multiple versions of the same student.

If you have students listed here they will need IDs added to their accounts. If these students are duplicates you will be prompted to “merge” the students into one version.

Note that because email addresses are used as unique identifiers in Seesaw, students with email addresses on their student account will not appear in the list of students in the Assign Missing Student IDs tool. 

Adding IDs to Your Student Accounts

To assign IDs to student accounts, you'll need to sign in to your Seesaw for Schools Admin account at from a Chrome or Firefox Browser.

  1. Get an export of student IDs from your student information system. (This student ID must NOT change from year to year.)
  2. Type in or paste a student ID for each missing ID. If the student ID is already in use, you will be able to merge the student accounts together to create a single account. Please carefully select the “merged” version of your student. Be sure you are choosing the correct email address, as this merge cannot be undone.
  3. Use the 'Filter by' option to filter by class if you have a lot of missing IDs and it's easier to do it class by class.
  4. Tap 'Save' to save all of the IDs.
Archive unneeded/inactive classes and PD classes

Go to the Classes tab on your school dashboard and sort by Total Items to get a list of classes sorted by most posts to least. Classes with just a handful of posts per student are probably not worth the time to merge by adding an ID to each student. Instead, you can archive these classes to remove the students enrolled in these classes from your license count.

How to archive class:

  1. Sign in as an Admin at
  2. Tap on the Classes Tab.
  3. Search for the class you want to archive.
  4. Tap on 'Class Settings.'
  5. Scroll down to tap the red 'Archive Class' button.
Merge duplicate student accounts in classes with different sign-in modes

Sometimes students will be created with an email address in one class that uses email sign in and without an email address in a class that uses QR code sign in. You will want to merge these duplicate students. However, students with Email/SSO accounts will not appear in the Missing IDs section because the email can serve as an ID within Seesaw. If you have no students missing an ID, but still are far over your license count you will need to check the class list for duplicate students with email address accounts.

  1. Sign in as an Admin at
  2. Navigate to the Students tab.
  3. Scroll and look for duplicate students. You can tap the [...] menu beneath the search bar and select 'Download CSV of Student Accounts' to get a complete list of student accounts and search for duplicates.
  4. Add the correct Student ID to the version of the student without an ID.
  5. Follow the “Merge student” prompts.
Review your Clever Sharing Rules

If you are syncing Clever data to Seesaw to roster your classes, you may want to check your Sharing Rules in Clever to make sure that you are sharing only the students for who you have purchased licenses for. 

Prior to the initial sync between Clever and Seesaw, the School Support Team will check to make sure that you're sharing the correct number of students. However, if you update your sharing rules partway through the year, it is possible that you have added additional licenses by mistake. 

If you discover that you are sharing too many licenses please update your sharing rules to only include the grade levels you purchased for, or contact Clever Support for assistance. 

How can I tell if a student or teacher is being shared?
Clever Admins can use Clever’s ‘Troubleshoot Sharing’ tool to see why or why not a user is being shared with Seesaw (or any other compatible apps). The Troubleshoot Sharing tool is accessible via Clever and currently works with student and teacher accounts - more information here!
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