How to import class rosters with ClassLink

3.png Audience: District Administrators with district subscriptions

District Administrators can set up your district's classes, teacher, and student accounts in bulk with ClassLink rostering. This is quicker and easier than creating accounts one at a time.

Seesaw-Logo-Mark-96x96.png Availability: ClassLink is exclusively a Seesaw District feature

⚠️ We highly recommend creating NEW classes each year and archiving old ones instead of reusing the previous year's classes. Before you create any new classes for the upcoming school year, double-check that you have completed the steps in our End of Year Guide.

ClassLink Rostering Instructions

Please note, if you are rostering midyear we do not recommend using ClassLink. Instead, please add existing teachers so their classes will not be interrupted and use CSV imports to create any new classes.

Initial set up in ClassLink

Before you sync your ClassLink data with Seesaw for the first time, you will need to set up your Permissions in ClassLink.

  1. Install Roster Server in your ClassLink admin account
    The Roster Server makes the OneRoster format data available to Seesaw
    This is where you configure your sharing rules Note: This is a different application than the SSO application.
  2. Upload data to ClassLink.
    In Roster Server, tap 'Imports' to upload your class data to ClassLink.
  3. Connect to Seesaw
    • In Roster Server, tap ‘Apps’ > ‘+ Add’ to add a new app.
    • Search for Seesaw, then tap ‘Add’ > Choose ‘Rule-Based Permissions’
  4. Set up Rule-Based Permissions
    Create rules that share 1 class per group of students seen by a teacher. We recommend using an Org/Courses rule.
    Only share the classes you need synced (usually only homeroom/advisory classes)
  5. Review Data 
    ClassLink makes this simple with a feature called ‘Sanity Check'. Sanity Check shows what you're going to share with Seesaw.

    Tap ‘Apps’ > Find Seesaw > Hover over the box icon in middle of the Actions column > tap to ‘Run Sanity Check’

    Make sure the following is correct: 
    1. The SourcedID field in ClassLink matches the student ID in Seesaw - This number cannot change and is important for journals to follow students year to year.
    2. The number of students and organizations should match your Seesaw subscription purchase.
    3. Only the correct classes have been shared
Sync ClassLink data with Seesaw

Once your data is ready in ClassLink, you will need to log into Seesaw and perform a Full ClassLink Sync to create Seesaw classes. 

  1. Log in as an administrator at
  2. From your Seesaw District Dashboard, tap 'Manage Roster Sync'
  3. From the Roster Sync dashboard, tap 'Sync all schools'
  4. If your Nightly Sync is paused, tap 'Resume nightly sync'

A green Check will appear when a school has synced successfully.

📣 If a school shows 'Not Set Up' but is included in your purchase, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

💡 View the below training deck for more in-depth information!

ClassLink Rostering Success Plan.jpg

Important Note on ClassLink DataGuard and Smart Masking

Seesaw does not support syncing inaccessible data using ClassLink’s DataGuard or Smart Masking. Please make sure all required data fields for Seesaw are enabled within DataGuard to keep required fields accessible to Seesaw and avoid sync errors. If you have questions about what data to share in your sync, please contact our Support Team


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