School Dashboard: The Skills Tab

Use Skills to help teachers see student progress towards key learning objectives.

Skills are fully customizable to learning goals in your school. Using Skills, teachers can tag student posts with school-defined standards, and gain real time insight into student progress towards key curriculum objectives. Watch the video!

Teachers can tag their students' posts with the school’s set of skills or standards. Teachers only see the skills that match the grade level of the class they teach, or skills marked with All.  Optionally, assign a simple 1-4 star rating to student work to get a real-time understanding of how students are progressing towards key curriculum objectives, inform instruction and save time on reporting.

You can create a single skill, or bulk import skills using our template. You can create your own skills, or use one of our pre-made set of skills.  Click here for step by step directions to bulk upload skills. 

To edit a skill, hover on the skill and click on Edit Skill. You can update the name, subject, grade level, category quick code, and description.

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