School Dashboard: The Teachers Tab

The teachers tab will show you all of the teacher accounts connected to your school.

You can create a new teacher account, or use our Bulk Import Rosters to create many teacher accounts at once. If you’re creating more than just a single teacher and class, we suggest you use the Bulk Roster Import option.

To create a new teacher account, click the New Teacher button.

If you have teachers using the free version of Seesaw, you can move their accounts into your school subscription. Click on the Add Teachers to School button. Paste your full certified staff email list, one email address per line into the text area. We only need teacher email addresses. We’ll check to see if your teachers have a Seesaw account and if they do, we’ll move their account, classes and students over to your school. Follow the prompts to finish moving teachers accounts over to your school.

To search for a teacher, type in their name or email address in the search bar. You can see the teacher name, the classes they teach, and when they last signed in to Seesaw. 

To edit a teacher, hover over their name, and then choose Edit Teacher. You can edit their name, email address, password, classes they teach and more. 


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