Seesaw for Schools: Can Teachers Create Classes?

Yes! Teachers in your school can create their own Seesaw for Schools classes independent of a Class Roster Import or a roster sync with Clever.

Please share the following steps with your teaching staff. 

**Follow these steps to create your Seesaw class.**

Sign in to Seesaw as a teacher at using Google Chrome or Firefox.
Click your profile icon in the top left of the screen.
Click '+ New Class' to create a new class.
Type in the Class Name and select the Grade Level for this class.
Select student sign in mode.

You've created your class!

  • Not sure which sign in mode to use? Use our comparison chart! You can also switch your student sign in mode in the future using these steps

**The next step is to add your students to the class.**

Click your profile icon in the top left of the screen
Select Manage Class
Select Manage Students
Enter in the Seesaw Student ID and click Lookup Student.

  • If you are adding a brand new Student, you'll enter their name \> Create Student.
  • If you're adding an existing student, confirm that you're adding the correct student to the class, and then click Add Student.
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