Blog vs Invite Parents

Seesaw journals are private by default. Only the teachers, students and people the teacher explicitly invites (like parents or other family members) can access student content in Seesaw. 

Seesaw Blogs are designed to showcase a selection of student work from your students' private Seesaw journal on a public website. Blogs are designed to give a public, global audience to your students beyond their classmates and families. As a teacher, you moderate what student posts are published to the blog, and can also connect your blog to other Seesaw blogs. Here's more information about Seesaw Blogs

Inviting Parents: If you want to share student work or class announcements with your students' families, you should do that through our regular Seesaw invite parents option. Once parents connect, they get access only to the work posted in their child's journal (and no one else can have access - unlike a Seesaw blog). If you just want to communicate with families, you should Invite Parents, you do not need a blog. Follow these instructions to invite parents.

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