Release Notes 4.03

All Platforms:

  • You can now switch student sign in mode from Class Code sign in to Email Sign in mode, and vice versa.
  • Added a tool to combine student journals within the same class (if needed after switching student sign in mode).
  • Improvements to Notifications Center (removed blue dots, made unapproved items alert seem more clickable).
  • Improved +New Class flow (fewer questions, faster to set up)
  • Web bug fixes: Can now view multi-page PDFs shared via share link or QR code, reset to blue 'initials' profile icon Fixes images being stretched weirdly when you upload a very tall or very long image. 
  • Built-in QR reader for all Seesaw post QR codes you print out! Visible to teachers and all students. Tap on your profile icon, then tap the QR code icon in the header bar to launch QR scanner. (On Android, tap the header bar, then gear icon, then Scan QR Code.)

iOS Only

  • See the number of posts in each student journal or folder as a teacher.
  • Shake device to contact Seesaw support for teachers.  




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