Seesaw Plus vs Seesaw for Schools - Which is right for me?

Seesaw Plus is primarily useful when there is only one teacher using Seesaw within a school. Seesaw Plus will give that teacher access to the assessment and private note/folder features. Seesaw Plus costs $120 per teacher per year.

If you have multiple teachers using Seesaw at your school, Seesaw for Schools is the best option for you. Seesaw for Schools will give your teachers access to all of the Plus features as well as an admin dashboard for you to measure data on parent engagement, usage, and the ability to virtually visit a classroom from your desk. Seesaw for Schools is a more cost efficient option if you have multiple teachers interested in these premium features--plus, more exciting features your administration! 

You can take a look at a comparison chart of each subscription here.

Seesaw for Schools also has additional features on top of Seesaw Plus, including:

  • The ability for portfolios to follow students from grade to grade
  • An administrative dashboard to view activity, classes, data
  • School wide skills or standards for use in the Skill View
  • The ability to easily view data regarding tech usage and parent engagement
  • Access to historic content and data
  • SIS integration and centralized management of all accounts
  • Bulk export of portfolios
  • 100 classes per teacher, 20 teachers per class 
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