Can I switch from Class QR Code sign in to Email sign in for my students?

Yes! In the Manage Class menu, you can switch how students sign into your class. You can change from scanning a QR code (Class Code Sign In) to using an email address/Google Account, or vice a versa. Existing work in their journal and parent connections will not be affected. 

How To Change the Student Sign in Mode:

  1. Tap on your profile icon
  2. Tap Manage Class
  3. Tap on Student Sign in Mode
  4. Select from Class Code - Shared Devices, Class Code 1:1 Devices or Email/Google.  

After you switch how students sign in to Seesaw, you can combine student journals within your class so there are not duplicate students (or two separate portfolios for each student). 

Going from Class Code Sign In → Email Sign In 

Step 1: Students Join Your Class with Their Email Account
To join your class, students will:

  1. Open the Seesaw Class App or go to the Seesaw website at using Chrome/Firefox.
  2. Tap I'm a Student.
  3. Tap Email / Google Account.
  4. Tap New Student (or sign in to existing account).
  5. Tap to Create Email Account or Use Google Account.
  6. Enter the Join Code for your class. This join code will last for 7 days.

Step 2: Teacher Combines Student Journals (Optional)*
After students join your class, you can combine their existing journal with their new account. After combining student journals, the work and parents from the existing student will be associated with the new student.

  1. Tap Manage Class
  2. Tap Manage Students 
  3. Select a student
  4. Tap 'Combine with other student journal' button 
  5. Follow the prompts to combine two journals

*You can only combine two students within the same class. Students without an email address can only be combine with students with an email address on their account. Combining student journals CANNOT be undone, so please do this carefully.  

Going from Email Sign in Class → Class Code Sign in Class

Step 1: Teacher Prints Out Class Code Poster

  1. Sign in as a teacher
  2. Tap on your profile icon 
  3. Tap "Get Class Code" link. 
  4. Tap "Print Class Code poster"
  5. Print out several copies of this poster. 

Step 2: Teacher Adds Any Missing Students (optional)

  1. Tap on your profile icon
  2. Tap on Manage Class
  3. Tap on Manage Students
  4. Scroll down and add any missing students 

Step 3: Students Sign in by Scanning Your Class QR Code*

  1. Students open Seesaw Class app
  2. Tap "I'm a Student" 
  3. Scan your class QR code poster 
  4. Students can select their name from the class list when adding work (Shared Devices Mode) or select their journal upfront and then will stay signed in to that student (1:1 Devices Mode) 

*Students who have already connected their email address to your class before you switched sign in mode will be able to sign in with their email account AND/OR by scanning your class QR code. 


Using Email and QR Sign in At the Same Time
If you want some students to use email sign in and some to use QR code sign in, you should connect your email sign in students first, and then switch to QR code sign in. The previously connected email students will remain connected and will still be able to sign in with their email address. 



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