Can I hide student names on my blog?

On Seesaw Blogs, we show student and parent first names. We do not show student or parent las names. Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide your Class List or student names on the blog.

This is primarily so that we can support commenting and also Seesaw Connected Blogs. Hiding student names got very confusing when students leaving comments on other class blogs, or even on your own class blog.

If you do not want student names posted online, you have a few options:

  1. You can add a password to your blog. Tap on your profile > Manage Class > Blog Settings > Password protect class blog. Anyone who visits your blog will need to enter this password. 
  2. Create a fake student (named Blog, or your name, or school mascot, etc) and only use that to post to the blog. You can 'Copy & Edit' a student's post, tag it with the blog student, and then post to the blog. 
  3. Edit student names to use code names or code numbers instead of their real names. 
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