How can I see what skills my students have met?

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Thanks for using Seesaw! With our new Skills View feature, you can keep track of what skills or standards your students are working towards. Additionally, you can assign a 1-4 star rating to get a real-time understanding of how students are progressing. To use the Skills View feature, tap your profile icon > Skills View.

On the top row, you will see all of the Skills that have been added to student items. Down the first column, you will see all of your students’ names.

The boxes show the number of items that have been tagged with a skill and the color indicates how many stars have been assigned to the most recent post for that student tagged with that skill. You can tap on that colored box to view all of the posts tagged with that skill.

You can filter the Skill View by tapping on the top menu bar that says Skill View and then selecting which filters you want use. You can filter by subject, student, or skill.


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