What is Seesaw Plus?

Seesaw Plus is our paid service with advanced assessment tools. These features help teachers record assessments on student work and understand student progress, helping inform instruction and save time on reporting. The features of Seesaw Plus are included with Seesaw for Schools (our school and district product) or can be purchased individually by teachers for $120/year.

Teachers can try Seesaw Plus free for 60 days or just keep using the Seesaw they already know free of charge. This is an optional upgrade - we’re committed to making sure students, teachers, and families can use Seesaw free forever.

What’s included in Seesaw Plus?

  • View Student Progress Towards Key Skills: Teachers using Seesaw for formative assessments can tag student posts with their own set of skills or standards. Optionally, assign a simple 1-6 rating to student work and get a real-time understanding of how students are progressing towards key curriculum objectives.
  • Multipage: Students can create posts of up to 10 pages and use powerful creative tools (drawing, voice, labels, photos, shapes, etc) on every page. Teachers can assign Multipage activities, create Multipage activity templates, and create announcements for students and families that include Multipage posts.
  • Private Folder: Teachers can add student work to a private folder to keep assessments in one spot without sharing everything with families.
  • Private Notes: Teachers can take private notes (and even collaborate with other teachers and administrators) on student work.  Private notes are only visible to other teachers, not students or families.
  • 500 customized activities (up from 100)
  • 25 active classes at a time (up from 10)
  • 5 teachers per class (up from 2)

Seesaw Plus features are only accessible to the teacher who purchased them, not to all co-teachers in a given class. If more than one teacher at your school wants to use Seesaw Plus, you should consider Seesaw for Schools. Learn more about Seesaw for Schools here

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