What do I do at the end of the school year?

Thanks for using Seesaw this year!

Archive Your Class
At the end of the school year, you should archive your class. To archive your class:

  1. Click on your profile icon (top left)
  2. Click on Manage Class
  3. Scroll down and choose "Archive Class".

**Archiving your class will remove it from your list of active classes, but the class will remain associated with your account for one year and can be restored if you want to access it.

Parent Download of Child's Journal
Parents will have access to archived classes through the end of the summer. Parents are also able to download a Zip Archive of their child's Seesaw journal from this year. Once you archive your class, we will email parents to let them know about this download feature. 

If you’re using our paid service, Seesaw for Schools, teachers and parents have unlimited access to archived classes for as long as they are connected to the school.

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