🎉 A new look for Seesaw! 🎉


Seesaw began over a decade ago with a mission to provide every elementary student with joyful and connected learning experiences that lay the foundation for success in life. In October 2023 we launched a new logo, app icon and marketing website inspired by the learning loop. We’ve updated our colors and fonts to demonstrate our commitment to accessibility and enabling all learners to participate effectively.

To support the transition in your classroom, we’ve created classroom printable materials, resources, and an FAQ to answer questions. These will allow your students and families to get familiar with the new brand logo and icon. 

For years, you have been alongside us and we are forever grateful for your commitment to Seesaw. Each day we are thrilled to see you and our community of educators inspiring one another while supporting your students in these foundational learning years!

Printables, activities, and other materials for teachers, students, and families are available here.


Will the new branding impact functionality of the Seesaw platform?
Aside from a new look and feel (colors and fonts), the Seesaw app you know and love is not changing - students and teachers will still experience the same workflows and functionality as always!

Where can I find the Seesaw app?
Our app recently got an exciting updated look! On or after October 27th check for the icon that looks like the icon below in the App Store or Google Play Store.
💡 Note: you won't see any app updates until you either let the app update automatically, or you manually update it from the app store. If you access Seesaw via the web (app.seesaw.me) the updates are automatic. 

Why did you make these changes?
Our goal is to bring all elementary students, teachers, administrators, and families into the learning loop, ensuring that everyone can easily participate, support and celebrate each child’s learning experience.

We wanted our new brand to represent our core mission of providing an inclusive, connected, and joyful learning experience. And our new fonts, colors and marketing website are WCAG compliant to demonstrate our commitment to accessibility.

What is changing?
We have a new app icon and logo that integrates the learning loop imagery. Seesaw will still be the same product you know and love, but inside you’ll see refreshed colors including a new touch of purple that meets WCAG accessibility standards.

We are also launching our new marketing website to make it easier for teachers, administrators and families to find inspirational resources, printables, tutorials, and more. This new site launched October 27, 2023.

How can I tell my families what’s changed? Do you have any resources for them?
We have printables included on this webpage. These resources include printables, tutorials, and FAQs to help family members understand these changes, learn how to use Seesaw effectively, and stay engaged in their child's learning journey. We are committed to supporting your families in every way we can during this exciting transition.

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