Setting Seesaw Expectations for Parents

It’s a great idea to send a quick video or note to ‘everyone’ outlining expectations and rules for parent likes and comments the day you invite parents to Seesaw.

1. Create a new item and tag ‘everyone’ for your first Parent/Class Newsletter. All connected parents will view this post from the teacher.

2. Use this opportunity to set expectations for parent behavior in Seesaw.
Here are a few suggestions to help with your first parent newsletter. Feel free to copy/paste these expectations:

Our Seesaw Tips 

  • Be constructive! Learning a new skill is hard and we need your help.
  • Specific comments are best. Think about how you can add to the learning conversation.
  • In a group or ‘everyone’ post, please remember your comment is shared with everyone tagged - students and their parents. This is a great opportunity to lift up the whole class!

You can publish to ‘Everyone’ to send home classroom reminders, newsletters, school related items and deadlines. This is your communication line directly to parents.

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