General network troubleshooting tips

Testing Seesaw on Your Network

If you're having trouble using Seesaw on your school network, here are some ideas that you can try to get to the bottom of what is going on. 

  • School wi-fi vs. home wi-fi: Try signing in and adding an item on your home wi-fi network instead. Does it work?
  • Cell network vs school wi-fi: Turn off wi-fi on the device and using 3G cellular network instead. Try signing in and adding an item. Does it work?
  • Mobile device vs desktop computer: Try signing into your Seesaw account on the web. Can you sign in and add an item? 

If your home or cell network works but your school network doesn't, your school network is probably blocking Seesaw. Here's how to fix that >> 

If your computer works but not your mobile device, can you confirm that both on the same school network? Do both devices have the same security settings? You might want to consult your tech team. 

If all of these tests fails, the Seesaw service might be down. 

How to Unblock Seesaw
Most schools can get going with Seesaw immediately, but if you have network filters or SPAM filters in place please make sure you do the following: 

  • Whitelist * In other words, whitelist all domains that end with (We cannot provide a list of IP addresses to unblock). 
  • Make sure port 443 (SSL) is open. If you can login as a teacher and add add a new item, this is working. 
  • Turn off scanning for traffic to * For security, Seesaw exclusively uses SSL / HTTPS.  Some network filters that "inspect" traffic don't like secure connections, so you may have to turn off scanning for traffic to * 
  • Add * and IP addresses, to your email whitelist so you can receive emails from Seesaw. All notification emails come from IP addresses:,
  • Located in Australia? Check out this article for more Australia-specific network information. 

If you don't have network filters in place or have already whitelisted *, please perform the network test below to verify where the issue might be. 

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