Set Up an Email / Google Account Class

1. Create your Email / Google Sign in Class 

  1. Tap on your profile icon, then +New Class.
  2. Decide on a name for your class
  3. Select the grade level of your class.
  4. On the next screen, choose "Use Email / Google Account" 
  5. Hit the green check to create your class! 
  6. Your students will join your class the first time you use Seesaw in your classroom using a short join code. 

If you want to explore and modify your class settings, tap your Profile Photo then Manage Class. In the Manage Class menu, you can adjust your class settings, create folders, invite parents and more.

We've tried to pick defaults that work in lots of classrooms, but here's a few things you might want to adjust. 

1.  Can students see each other’s work: If you want students to be able to see other students journals in your class in addition to their own journal, keep this setting ON. If you don't want students to be able to see other students journals turn this OFF. 

2. Student Likes and Comments: Decide if you want your students to be able to like or comment on entries. Comments are a great way to encourage collaboration and constructive peer feedback in your class. Enable or disable student likes and comments here. By default, new student comments require your approval.

3. Enable Student Editing:  If you want students to be able to edit their items, keep Enable item editing ON. Any edited items are put back unto the teacher approval queue for you to check out.   

4. Folders: If you've decided to use folders to organize work in your class, you can create them here. If you'd like your students to be prompted to add new items add to folders, you can change "Show add to folder step" to be “Students and Teachers”.

2. Have your students join your class: 

Get the Join Code for your class from the teacher app by tapping the Join Code button at the top right. For security, the Join Code is valid for 7 days. If the time limit expires, you can always get another Join Code.

To join your class, students should:

  1. Choose I'm a Student
  2. Choose Email / Google Account
  3. Choose New Student
  4. Choose to Create Email Account -- or -- Use Google Account
  5. Enter the 8-digit Join Code for your class
  6. Finish creating your Seesaw account with email/password -- or -- Finish signing in with your Google Account

Print Student Join Instructions

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