How do I print an item?

Yes, you can print items from Seesaw journals. It’s easiest to print items from the Seesaw website.

Print One Post

Click on the [...] button below the item and then choose Print QR PDF. 


Bulk Print by Student, Folder or Skill 

You can now print up to 80 items at a time! You can print the most recent 80 items uploaded to a particular student, folder, or skill.

To print for a student: Click your Profile Icon > Feed View > Click a student’s name in the Class List area on the right hand side, and click the Print PDF link at the top of the page to print their most recent 80 items. You can also print a student’s items that are tagged in a particular folder by selecting the folder. 

To print from a folder: Click your Profile Icon > Feed View > Class Feed - Folder Icon and select the folder you want to print. 

To print from a skill: Click your Profile Icon > Skills View > select a skill and print a student’s work tagged with that skill.


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