Resolving network issues in Australia

We've had several Australian schools report issues connecting to Seesaw, even after whitelisting * domains. Here are several ideas that resolved this problem for other schools:

1. Allow All Traffic to "" Untouched Through Your Proxy Serve or McAfee Web Gateway

"I worked with the education department here in South Australia to overcome the issue. It appears that when upload traffic is going through the McAfee Web Gateway (MWG) filtering/proxying solution here, it fails. We have had to make a change to the McAfee Web Gateway proxy/filter appliance to allow all traffic to '' untouched. That is, unauthenticated and not scanned at all, a complete pass-through to and from the * domain.*"

2. Install the Latest Education Department Certificate
Make sure you have the latest Education Department Internet Certificate installed. Users have found once the latest certificate was installed, they were able to use Seesaw. 
3. Make sure your iPads are updated to iOS 10.2
Please make sure your iPads have the most up to date operating system. Several schools have reported this fixes any network issues. 
4. Add Amazon to Your List of Acceptable Security Certificate Providers for Proxy Server/McAfee Web Gateway
Please add Amazon to your list of trusted providers for security certificates. Follow this FAQ for McAfee web gateway about adding security certificate providers to your list of trusted providers:
*For security, Seesaw exclusively uses SSL / HTTPS to connect to our servers. Some network filters that "inspect" traffic don't like secure connections, so you will have to turn off scanning for traffic to * 
If none of these tips help, please email with the contact information of your IT contact at the Department of Education so we can work with them directly to help. 
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