Science: Illustrating Sound

In this activity, students will work to answer the question: What does sound look like?

Activity idea: Let your students know a few days before your lesson so they can bring in objects that make sounds - don't be afraid to borrow from your music teacher and get them involved. For example: tuning fork, empty can, pencil on desk. Teachers will want to have a few examples on hand.  

First, model a sound item and give your lesson about pitch, frequency, and how sound travels. As your students share their items, make predictions about the waves with small groups - practice drawing wavelengths, identifying high and low pitch, and frequency. Then, let students take a photo of their item, record the sound it makes using the audio tool, then use the drawing tool to illustrate using the terms they learned making predictions.

Tip for Teachers/Students: Snap a photo of the objects or import screenshots from your student devices. Your students will use the drawing tool to illustrate if these are high or low sounds and what the waves look like when drawn. If you have the physical object, use the audio recorder to capture the sound.

Supports Common Core: Indiana Academic Standards 3.1.1 , 3.1.2, 3.1.3

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