What apps is Seesaw compatible with?

Seesaw is compatible with any app or website that supports exporting as a photo, video, PDF or link.

To share from some apps in the iOS app, you may need to enable the Share Extension on iOS 8 first. You can find instructions on how to enable the share extension here

Here's a list of great content creation apps for Chromebooks!

We've tested compatibility with the following apps:

Adobe Voice: Import from Camera Roll 

Animoto: Share > Copy Link. Paste into Seesaw.

Book Creator: Share (from main screen, not from inside an individual book)> Export as Video or Export as PDF > Seesaw 

Buncee: Share > Copy > Add as a Link In Safari > Share > Seesaw - OR - Share > Copy > Paste into Seesaw 

Comic Life: Share > Share as PDF > Seesaw

ChatterPix: Share > Photos. Save video to the Camera Roll. Import from Camera Roll.

CueThink: > When viewing a thinklet you want to share, tap the "Share" icon located between the "Like" and "Flag" icons. Copy the Direct Link > Paste into Seesaw.

 Tap Share > Share as PDF > At Each Slide > More > Seesaw

DoInk: Import from Camera Roll. 

Doodle Buddy: Import from Camera Roll. 

Dropbox: To add a link to an item in your Dropbox tap Share > Seesaw. This will generate a link to the item in your Dropbox. If you want to add the PDF as a PDF, you need to tap Share > Open in ... (A app icon on bottom row of options) > Seesaw. This will export the PDF as a PDF. 

Edmodo: Tap Item (Photo, Video, PDFs) > Share > Open in Another App > Seesaw

Educreations (free version): Share > Copy Link > Paste into Seesaw 

Educreations (paid version): Share > Open In > Seesaw 

Evernote: More [...] > Share > Copy link > Paste into Seesaw

Explain Everything: Export Movie > More > More > MP4 Open In > Seesaw

Google Docs: Tap ... Menu for doc > Share and Export > Send a Copy > PDF > Seesaw

Google Drive: i button for item > Export > Open In > Seesaw

Google Slides: ... Menu for doc > Share and Export > Send a Copy > PDF > Seesaw 

Haiku Deck: Share > Copy link > Paste into Seesaw 

Kahoot! Paste link into Seesaw. 

Kami: (Annotate PDFs on Chromebooks) Save as PDF > Upload into Seesaw

Keynote: Share > Open in Another App > Seesaw

iMovie: Share > Seesaw

Lego Movie Maker: Import from Camera Roll 

My Story: Import from Camera Roll 

Notability: Share > Share > PDF > Share Note > Seesaw

Numbers: Share > Open in Another App > Seesaw 

Padlet: Share > Copy Link > Add into Seesaw 

Pages: Share > Open in Another App > PDF > Seesaw

Paper by FiftyThree: Share > Send to App > Seesaw

Pic Collage: Share > More > Save Image. Import from Camera Roll. 

Popplet: Share > Save JPG to Camera Roll.  Import from Camera Roll

PuppetPals: Import from Camera Roll

Prezi: Share > Copy > Paste link into Seesaw

Quizlet: Copy Link > Add as a Link 

Safeshare.TV (safely share YouTube videos): Copy Link > Paste into Seesaw

Scanner Pro:
 Share > Open In > Page as JPG or Page as PDF > Seesaw

Screen Chomp: Share > Share > Copy link > Paste into Seesaw

Shadow Puppet Edu: Share > Seesaw 

Show Me (free): Share > Open in Safari > Share > Copy Link > Paste into Seesaw

Show Me (paid): Import from Camera Roll

Skitch: Share > Other App > Seesaw

Sock Puppets (paid): Import from Camera Roll 

Sonic Pics: Import from Camera Roll

Stop Motion Studio: Share > Open in > Seesaw 

Storehouse: Share > Copy Link > Paste into Seesaw 

Story Patch: Share > Email PDF > Open PDF in Email > Share > Seesaw

Tellagami: Import from Camera Roll 

TeleStory: Import from Camera Roll 

ThingLink: Share > Seesaw - or - Share > Copy > Paste into Seesaw 

Toontastic (paid): Import from Camera Roll 

ViewPure (safely share YouTube videos): Copy Link > Paste into Seesaw

Write About It: Import from Camera Roll 

YouTube: Share > Copy link > Paste into Seesaw. 

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