Let's Travel Back in Time

Activity: Let's travel back in time. Explore the differences between how people lived in the past compared to the present day. 

Tip: Share with your class different types of transportation, dress, use of technology, and entertainment both past and present. Have students demonstrate their understanding by drawing comparisons in the app. Use the drawing tool or import an image from the camera (ex: find historical images online, or try creating a collage of past and present in a collage app, like PicCollage)  to illustrate both a past and present form of transportation, technology, dress, or entertainment.

Reach Group: Use the audio tool to compare and contrast the examples in your drawing or image.

Supports Common Core Standard: Historical Knowledge 1.1.1. Compare the way individuals in the community lived in the past with the way they live in the present.

Images: Library of Congress and Creative Commons 2.0 License 

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