Device Cart or Computer Lab Tips

Here are several ways to use Seesaw in a shared device cart environment. 

Weekly (Bi-weekly, Monthly) Journal Entry: Print out several Classroom QR Code login handouts and post them around the classroom, or pass them out before the device cart arrives. Before the devices arrive, have students select their favorite piece of work from the past week (ex: a book they read, an art project they made, a math problem they solved). Have them think about how they would describe what they learned, what was cool about the project, what was difficult about it, etc. Use the Seesaw camera to document the assignment, and then use the voice recorder tool or text tool to record their reflection on learning.

Digital Project Activity: Create a digital project on the iPad/tablet/computer that ties into your current unit. Check out all of the activity ideas we have in our Activity Ideas center. Ideas range in complexity from a simple photo to a more involved multimedia project, and can be adapted to fit your curriculum.  

Reserve 5 to 10 minutes at the end of the session to add the digital project into Seesaw journals. As the final step, have students log out of the class account; tap the Menu Profile Icon > tap Sign out.

Seesaw helps you get projects made in any app off of the devices. You can access student work stored in Seesaw anytime from any iOS device or on the web, which is great when the device cart is traveling from one classroom to the next. Digital assignments are now safely saved, and no longer in danger of being lost or deleted.


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