How do I invite parents?

Here's how to invite parents to subscribe to their child's Seesaw journal: 

  1. Tap Your Profile.
  2. Tap Manage Class.
  3. Turn 'Enable Parent Access' to ON.
  4. Tap Invite Parents.
  5. Choose Get Parent Handout to email yourself all of the parent invite handouts, or choose Invite by Email to send out a signup link.

You can invite parents two ways, by sending home the Parent QR code handout or by emailing parents a signup link.

  • Send Home a Handout (Recommended): Seesaw will generate a unique QR code handout for each student. Print out these handouts and send them home with each child. Parents download Seesaw and scan their child’s code. Parents only have access to their child’s journal.
  • Share a Link: Email parents with a single class sign-up link. Parents will sign up with the link, choose their child from the class list, and then create an account. Seesaw will send you an email to approve each parent’s request for access and allow you to confirm they have chosen the correct child before they can see any student content.

Post a Note item into your Seesaw class to welcome parents. 

Tag that item with "Everyone" so it appears for all parents. Here’s what you can include:

Welcome to Seesaw! We’re excited to share our classroom learning with you! 

Our Seesaw Tips: 

  1. Check Seesaw regularly. You'll get notifications about new entries in your child's journal and can respond to their work. Customize your notification preferences in Account Settings.
  2. Celebrate your child's classroom success. Help to encourage the skills your child is working on in class outside of school.
  3. Specific comments are best. Asking questions, or complementing specific details can add to the learning conversation.
  4. In a group or 'everyone' post your comment is visible to everyone tagged - the students and their parents. This is a great opportunity to lift up the whole class!


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