Choose a Sign In Mode for Your Students

We support several student sign in modes to give teachers control over how students sign in to their class.

You can change your Sign in Mode after you create your class in the Manage Class menu. 

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Student Sign In Mode Options

Class Code - Shared Device Sign in For shared devices and younger learners
Students sign in using the QR Class Code or 6-Digit Text Class Code. Students choose their name from the class list to add items to their journal. 

Class Code - 1:1 Device Sign In  Recommended only for 1:1 environments 
Students sign in using a QR Class Code or a 6-Digit Text Class Code and then choose their name from the class list. The signed-in student can add items to only their journal, and can remain signed in for up to one year. If another student wants to use the same device to add items to their journal, Student 1 would need to sign out and Student 2 would need to sign in.

  • If you're concerned about students signing in to the wrong journal, don't post the QR Class Code poster in your classroom. Have students come to you to get access to the QR code they use to sign in and then you can control who is signing in to which account and make sure students pick the correct journal.

Email / Google Account Sign In  Requires student email addresses or Google Accounts
Students sign in with their email address and a password or their Google Account. The first time using Seesaw, they will join the class with an 8-Digit Join Code. After that, they are linked to the class and just need to sign in with their email/password to access it. This mode requires email addresses or Google Accounts for students. We recommend this mode only for students who can remember their email address and a password.   


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