1st Grade - 1:1 iPads - Lisa Nelson

Lisa Nelson
First Grade Teacher

How are you using Seesaw in your class?  
We are using Seesaw to show parents students' work in all areas. Taking photos of written work and adding the students voice explaining the work, uploading books from Book Creator and PuppetPals, recording themselves reading a book, etc...

What is an activity you've done recently that turned out well?  
For the 100th day of school the students created a picture where they were incorporating the number 100. After they were finished with the picture they went into Seesaw and took a picture and used the voice recorder to ask "Can you find the hidden 100?", and then paused and later explained where their 100 was hidden.

What is your students' favorite thing about using Seesaw?  
Sharing their work with their parents!! Whenever we finish anything they ask, "Can we put it on Seesaw?".

What is one piece of advice you'd give to a teacher who's just starting with Seesaw? 
It is so easy, anyone can do it. After adding 1 or 2 items my first graders are pros at it!


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