1st Grade - 2:1 iPads - Kristin Parone

Kristin Parone
First Grade Teacher
Tech Setup: 2:1 iPads

How are you using Seesaw in your class? 
We use Seesaw in a variety of ways. This app enables my students to document their learning, makes it easy to share student work with parents, and serves as a digital portfolio—all with just a few simple steps. Best of all, students can share their work with their parents in 'real time'.

What is an activity you've done recently that turned out well?
My students regularly use Shadow Puppet Edu to 'show what they know'—and this works seamlessly with Seesaw. During a recent first grade lesson on 'Goods and Services', students used paper bags to create a large scale '1C Town' (complete with Service Street and Goods Avenue). Students were so excited about creating this huge project! Seesaw allowed them to share their experience with their parents at home.

What is your students' favorite thing about using Seesaw?
They love sharing their work with their parents and getting 'likes' and words of encouragement/pride from their parents while they are still at school. Seesaw fosters a sense of connection. 
What is your advice for a teacher who's just getting started with Seesaw? 
Get started right away!  When you use Seesaw in conjunction with Shadow Puppet Edu, it really is a game changer. One of my favorite apps without a doubt. 


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