5th/6th Grade Special Needs - 1:1 iPads - Stuart Hammersley

Stuart Hammersley
Teacher and Computing Coordinator 
Primary years 5 & 6, special needs ages 9-11
Birmingham, UK 
Tech setup: 1:1 iPads
How are you using Seesaw? 
We are using Seesaw as a central location to store the children's content they create on an iPad. Some of the work we carry out in our Special Educational Needs classroom is by observation, so the ability to add a photograph or video to a child's profile and then comment on the learning is really invaluable! It also saves a lot of time printing images, attaching Post-It notes and filing. 
What is an activity you've done recently that turned out well? 
We use Seesaw as an end point for children Numeracy Journals for a weeks worth of work. We create an ePub each week using the fantastic Book Creator App. We are sure to title the book so that we can easily find it and put the week date on it (normally Monday’s, but things happen in schools!). I always print out a copy of the WALT (substitute with other letters such as LI) and the success criteria for each group. Each day, they use the camera and take a snapshot of this and add to their book. They then complete the work using whatever tools they decide to use. Some of our current favorites are: ExplainEverything, camera, recording each other on video, the write tool in Book Creator. This is then marked in the Book Creator app against the WALT and SC, next steps added if needed and verbal feedback given to the children. The next day the same process takes place in the same book and so on, until we reach Friday. The children then export these ePubs as videos and upload them to SeeSaw. The children do all of this independently, a real game changer in our classroom, and they all love seeing their work in one place!
What is your students' favorite thing about using Seesaw?
The children in my class love being able to see all their work in one place and look back through it at any point on their iPad. They also love getting a 'Like' from me!! A simple thing for me to do to show I appreciate their hard work!
What is one piece of advice you'd give to a teacher who's just starting with Seesaw? 
I would say, spend the time to show your class how to upload their work to Seesaw. Its incredibly simple yet extremely powerful for children to move content to the folders independently. The children now ask if they can move work to their Seesaw account as they are so proud of it!
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