1:1 Devices Tips

Seesaw works great in a 1:1 environment. Here are some ideas from Seesaw teachers for how to incorporate Seesaw into your 1:1 classroom workflow.  

Activity for Fast-Finishing Students: Students who finish quickly can add the completed assignment (worksheet, book read, etc) into their Seesaw journal. Using the annotation tools, they can describe what they did, what they learned, what would make the assignment more challenging for them, etc.  

Exit Ticket or Transition Activity: Before students leave for recess or during transitions between subjects, students add an item to their journal to represent what they've learned that day. 

Partner or Group Activity: Use Seesaw to foster collaboration between students. Students can work together creating an item and then can tag everyone who worked on that item in the tagging screen. The item will now appear in all of the tagged students' journals.

Record Periodic Assessments: Use Seesaw to record qualitative one on one assessments with each student. For example, reading fluency, number or letter identification, counting or spelling exercises. This is handy for comparing progress towards learning goals throughout the year.

Get Assignments from Other Apps off of Devices: Students can add projects created in most other content creation apps into their Seesaw journal. This is a great way to get digital projects off of devices and onto the cloud, where you can access them anytime and they're organized by student. 

** We have activity ideas in many different subject areas on our Teacher Resource Site. Activity ideas range in complexity from a simple photo to a more involved multimedia project, and can be adapted to fit your curriculum. **

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