Why Invite Parents?

Our goal with Seesaw is to help you easily keep parents in the loop and engaged in your classroom. Here are a few reasons why you should consider inviting parents to subscribe to their child's Seesaw Journal.

1. Personalized communication with parents 

  • Parents only get updates for their child and can only view their child’s journal
  • More frequent updates make it easier to catch problem areas and encourage strengths 
  • Student-led updates spark deeper conversations at home
  • Option to allow parents to like and comment on items

2. Easy-to-digest iOS or Android app notifications connect with busy parents

  • Parents receive automatic notifications via iOS and Android apps, SMS text message or email when new items are added - no extra work for teachers! 
  • Parents are checking their phones multiple times a day already. With Seesaw you can reach them where they already are! 

3. Visual updates engage parents better and cross language barriers

  • Short, visual updates are easier to digest and more likely to be viewed
  • Parents can easily access their child's journal anytime via iOS app, Android app or on the web

4. Secure and private 

  • Student content in Seesaw is only accessible by teacher, student and approved parents. It isn't public on the web and never shared with third parties
  • Parents only get updates for their child and can only access their child's work 

5. Painless parent invite process

  • Unique QR code handouts for each student make it easy for parents to sign up
  • Single class email link + parent approval step means you don't need type in 50+ email addresses
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