Can I edit an item after it has been added to a journal?

Yes, it is possible for students and teachers to edit items after they have been posted.

To edit an item as a teacher, tap or click the [...] three dots button below the item and choose Edit Item. Edit the item and press the green check to save. 

If editing is enabled for your class, students can edit their own items in Individual Sign in Mode or Google Sign in Mode. Students can tap the [...] button below an item and choose “Edit Item”. They can make their edits and then resubmit the item for teacher approval.

To prevent accidental edits to another student’s work in Classroom Sign in Mode, students are able to “Copy & Edit” instead. This will duplicate the entry, and then the student can make their own edits on top and submit it for teacher approval.

Item editing if OFF by default. To enable item editing for your students:

  1. Tap your Profile Icon
  2. Tap Manage Class
  3. Scroll to Enable item editing
  4. Turn the switch to ON
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