Why do my students have two accounts after Clever Sync?

When you add teachers to your Seesaw for Schools dashboard, all of their classes, students, and posts will be connected to your dashboard as well. These students will not be recognized by Clever until a Student ID or an email address is added to their account. If you would like your student's data from their previous class to stay connected to their account, you will need to add a Student ID or an email address to their account so they are recognized by Clever. 

When the Clever sync is initiated, it will search for existing students in Seesaw. When Clever finds a Student ID or email address is recognizes, it will update the existing account and enroll that student into their new classes. If Clever can not find a Student ID or email address in Seesaw, it will create an account for that student and enroll them in their classes. 

The Student ID in Seesaw must match the SIS_ID field in Clever. We can not match off of the Student Number or State ID that is in Clever. 

If you did not add a Student ID or email address to your student's prior to the Clever sync, your students will have two accounts in Seesaw. You can either merge the accounts together, to keep their data from previous years connected to their account. Or, you can archive old accounts and start fresh with the Clever syncing accounts. 

To merge accounts, please see the below instructions. 

  1. Sign in to your Seesaw for Schools Admin account at https://app.seesaw.me.
  2. Tap 'Assign Missing Student IDs' in the Admin Tools section. 
  3. Get an export of SIS_IDs from Clever.
  4. Enter in the missing Student IDs using data from Clever. 
    You can filter this list of students by class using the filter by class menu (top right) if that is simpler.
  5. Tap 'ID in use by StudentName. Click here to merge.'. 
  6. Follow the steps to merge the student into one account. Make sure this information is correct. This cannot be undone.


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