How do I customize activities in Seesaw?

With the Seesaw Activities Library, you can post activities directly to your class or customize these activities to suit the needs of your classroom!       

Free Seesaw accounts can create up to 100 activities, Seesaw Plus accounts can create up to 500 activities, and Seesaw for Schools accounts have access to unlimited activities. 

1. Tap ‘Assign Activity’ under the green +Add button or by tapping the Activities tab in your class feed view.  

2. You can filter by grade level or subject to locate an activity you would like to use in your class. Tap the heart icon to add the activity to your activity library.


3. Select the activity and tap the [...] button. Then tap 'Copy and Edit Activity.'



4. Edit sections of the activity to suit your needs. You can edit the activity name, student instructions, examples, student templates and add teacher notes or Skills (if you are using Seesaw plus or Seesaw for Schools).


5. Tap 'Save' to save the customized activity.

6. Tap 'Assign' to choose the classes and students you would like to share the activity with.

Students will see a red notifications in their Activities tab if they use Email/Google or 1:1 Class Code to sign in. Students using Shared Devices will not see a red notification, but they will be able to access the activity by tapping the Activities tab.

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