How to add Folders and Skills to an Activity

To add a Skill or Folder to an Activity when assigning to your class

1. In the My Library section of the Activity Library, tap on the activity you would like to share with your class(es).

2. Tap 'Assign.'

3. Select the class you want to share your activity with, then tap 'Edit Students, Folders, Skills.'

4. Tap 'Folders' or 'Skills' at the top to tag Folders and Skills. Then, tap the green check.


5. Tap 'Assign' to share the activity with the tagged Folders and/or Skills with your class(es)! You can also sort by Folder in the Activities tab by tapping the folder icon.

To add a Skill or Folder to an Activity previously assigned to your class 

1. Tap the Activities tab.

2. Tap the [...] button, then tap 'Edit Folders.' Select the Folder(s) and tap the green check.

3. You can also tap the [...] button and select 'Edit Activity'.


4. Tap 'Edit' next to 'Skills.'

5. Select the Skills or Folders you would like to add, then tap the green check.

6. Tap 'Save' to update your Activity in your class. 

Note: When adding Skills and Folders to an Activity that was already assigned in your class, the Skills and Folders will be applied to all future student responses but will not be retroactively applied to any existing student responses. To add Skills and Folders to existing student responses, you can tap the blue folder or graduation cap icon on the student response post and select the correct Folders and Skills. 

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