How do I use activities?

You can easily create and share activities for your students to complete in Seesaw on any device: Chromebook, Android, iOS, and the web. Get inspired with grade-level specific activities from our library, or create your own!                 

How do I create an activity? 
  1. Tap the green add button, then select 'Assign Activity.'


2. Tap 'My Library,' then tap 'Create New Activity.'


3. Fill in the details of the activity: activity name, student instructions (can include examples and voice instructions), an optional student template, and the student(s) tagged to the activity. Tap 'More Options' to add teacher notes. You can also add Skills or publish to the School Library with our paid product, Seesaw for Schools


4. Tap 'Save' to save the activity to your library.

5. Once the activity is saved, tap 'Share' to select the class(es) where you would like to publish the activity. You can also tap ‘Edit Students’ to assign the activity to individual students within a class. Then, tap ‘Share with Classes’.  All activities will appear in the Activities tab in Seesaw. Students will tap the Activities tab to see new activities.

All student responses will be stored with their name under the activity. As a teacher, you can see who has responded to an activity by tapping the response banner. Family members will only see their child's response to an activity.

How do I use the Activity Library?
  1. Tap 'Assign Activity' in Activities tab.
  2. Tap on a collection or activity to view the student instructions and teacher notes. Then, tap the heart icon to save the activity to your personal library. You can browse the Activity Library by grade and/or subject area.


3. Tap 'Assign' to publish the activity as is, or tap [...] below the post and ‘Copy and Edit Activity’ to customize the activity.



How do students respond to an activity?

Share these instructions with your students!

1. Tap the Activities tab.

2. Tap the green +Add Response button.


3. Select a Creative Tool for the activity. Students can listen to an audio recording of instructions in this view, as well as during the creation and editing of the activity.


4. Create the post, then tap the green check. 

5. Edit the post to add voice recordings, drawings, text labels, or captions. Tap the green check.

Student responses to activities will appear in the student journal. Teachers can also access all student responses from the Activities tab. Families will be able to see student activity responses from their child only. 


if a student accidentally closes the Seesaw app or browser window, Seesaw will save a copy of their work on their device or computer. When they open Seesaw again on the same device or computer, Seesaw will recover the work and they can continue working where they left off. For their work to be uploaded to their portfolio and visible to teachers and family members, students should still tap "Draft" or the green check.

How do I review and approve student responses to activities?
1. When you log in, you will see a banner on the bottom of the screen with items waiting for your approval. 
2. Then, decide whether you want to approve the item or delete the item. 
How do I organize activities?
Once activities have been assigned to students, you can use both the Calendar and the Pin to Top features to organize them!

Teachers and students can view activities on a calendar to more easily show the day an activity was assigned. This feature can help teachers and students keep track of the different activities currently being worked on in an easy-to-read format!

To access the calendar, teachers and students can select the Activities tab, then choose "Calendar."
Students can then click on any calendar day with activities listed to see the activities assigned and to confirm if they have completed them or not.

Pin to Top
Do you have an activity you really want students to see and complete? Enter: Pin to Top feature! Teachers can pin one activity to the top of the Activities feed for students to see first when they select the Activities tab.

To pin a post, select the three dots [...] on an activity, then "Pin to Top."

After selecting Pin to Top from the [...] menu, you will see the activity moved to the top of the Activity feed with the label, "Pinned."

Teachers can unpin an activity at any time by selecting the three dots [...] on the activity, then "Unpin Post." Unpinning a post will remove the activity from the top of the Activity feed and allow a new post to be pinned in its place.
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